Master of Political Management

Master of Political Management School is a non-governmental institution, producing new sociopolitical contents and investigating propaganda technologies, political management and marketing.

Master of Political Management School was founded in 2010 to change the landscape of political counseling in Europe, to train a new generation of political consultants and analysts.

Today the School remains the only European educational institution consistently and comprehensively teaching political management and marketing. School trainers are leading political consultants from all over the world.

Dates of lectern: February, 11 - 14.

4 days of lessons. 28 lectures and workshops. Internship with the trainers of the course and educational trip to analytical centers and parliaments of European Union.

Master of Political Management School


Dates: February, 11 – 14. Kyiv

Schedule: from Thursday till Sunday from 9:00 till 21:00 (four-day course)

Program: three questions instead of one topic. First – modern election campaign. Management and marketing of election campaign in a politically volatile environment. Second – digital technologies in political campaigns. Third – analytical work and GR during political instability.

Number of lessons: 28 lectures and practical workshops with discussions and studies.

Results and Internship: graduates get Master of Political Management School diploma upon successful completion. Internship with course trainers lasts 1 month. Further employment is in editorial offices, creative agencies, political consultancy agencies.

There are secretaries of top public officials, members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, city and regional councils among the School graduates.

More than a hundred of the School graduates work as deputy and ministry assistants, analysts in leading Ukrainian and European research centers, some of them have established their own consultancy companies.

Educational Trip: all graduates get an opportunity to visit leading European analytical centers and parliamentary institutions. Lectern graduates shall visit Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium.

Agenda includes introduction to analytical centers, executive bodies in European Parliament. Meetings with political experts and politicians, MPS of European Parliament, Seim of Republic of Poland and Bundestag.

Dmitriy Raimov

Dmitriy Raimov

Founder and curator of Master of Political Management School

Founder and Curator of Free Journalism School and Free Economic School


Viktoria Yermolenko

Viktoria Yermolenko

Entry Manager in Master of Political Management School, International and Ukrainian Internship Coordinator

Alla Guryanova

Alla Guryanova

Entry Manager in Master of Political Management School


Contact information for entry

(Monday – Friday since 9:00 till 18:00, Saturday and Sunday – days off)

+38 044 362 28 36

+38 067 508 68 58

mail to:

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Lectern venue: Kyiv, Volodumrska St., 57 

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Entering the Program


The course will be helpful to everybody, who is interested in political science, social psychology, sociology, propaganda, deals with political marketing or is going to run in the elections, who is concerned about his political and business image.

The cost is 1700 hryvnias for the whole educational course with all the necessary materials

Attention! Those, who had made the payment (pre-payment), will enter the course. Usually we get about 500 applications and the number of seats is limited. We earnestly ask you not to delay the entering and making the payment.

Venue: Kiev, Volodumurska St., 57.

Curators’ contact details: +38 044 362 28 36 | +38 067 508 68 58 | mail to:

Internship and job placement takes place in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, government ministries and departments, agencies of the School teachers

Jakob Ohlsson

Political consultant from Sweden, partner at "Reform Act"

Kristina Wilfore

Kristina Wilfore has more than 20 years of political experience and mastery of virtually all aspects of grassroots organizing. Over her career she has worked in 35 of the 50 states to encourage cooperation among civic and party organizers and elected officials at all levels of public office

Marco Cacciotto

Political consultant from Italy, owner "Public strategie per il consenso", professor at University of Milan

Igor Mintusov

Took part as a consultant on presidential elections in Belarus (1994), Mongolia (2001), Nicaragua (2001), Lithuania (2002), in all parliamentary elections in Russia starting from 1989.

Evgen Kiselov

Journalist, TV host "Black mirror" at INTER TV chanel 

Artem Bidenko

Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine

Dmitro Stolyarchuk

Press secretary of the Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman

Daniil Vahovski

PR curator of the electoral office of Boris Filatov

Natali Ulianets

Owner and Head at "Перфектні Рішення" agensy 

Anatoly Siberov

Specialist "field" electoral technologies

Mukola Davuduk

The political scientist, director of the analytical center "Politics". He took part in many election campaigns

Elina Slobodyanuk

Copywriter with extensive experience in political campaigns

Diana Kladove

PR professionals. She took part in the campaign to protect against the raiders in "SkyMall"

Igor Shcherin

The founder of the agency's counter-PR "Shchedrin, Noynets and TT." One of the best Ukrainian specialists in information attacks and protection against information attacks

Maksim Karishski

Political consultant (Ukraine). At the last local elections participated in the elections of the mayor of Nikolaev

Mukola Volgov

Political consultant, executive director of the Association of Political experts

Yussi Pick

Managing partner at "Pick & Barth" (Austria, USA). Majors in online technologies in election campaigns. Prize winner of Association of Political Consultants of US "Best of Social Media"

Ekaterina Patyulina

Head of Aleksey Navalny internet headquarters during Moscow mayoral elections, member of the team of Maksim Kats.

Svetlana Krukova

Editor at "Vesti.Reporter" magazine

Anrey Ermalaev

Head of the Institute of Strategic Research “Novaya Ukraina”. Before 2014 was a head of the National Institute for Strategic Studies for the President of Ukraine.

Olexandr Noinez

Owner and editor-in-chief at "Petr i Mazepa", partner at "Щедрин, Нойнец и ТТ" PR agency

Aleksandr Chernenko

People’s Deputy of Ukraine. Previously Chairman of the Management Board of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine.

Mihail Gorodoc

Political Consultant in Ukraine, Lector of International Republican Institute

Sergii Didkovsky

PR consulter at "Olshanki and Partners" communication agency

Volodymyr Paniotto

Head of Kyiv international sociology institute

Ella Libanova

Doctor of Economics, member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Expert in the sphere of demography and socioeconomics.

Maria Popova

Coordinator works with national media at administration of the President of Ukraine

Olga Aivazovskaya

Election programs coordinator at non-governmental social organization “OPORA”.

Svetlana Vasilenko

Radio hostess, journalist and production editor at radio station “Kiev 98 FM”, author of her own educational course in oratorical skill.

Michail Kuhar

Ministry of Labour and social policy press-office chief, chief editor at journal “ Mysl”.

Denis Bohush

Under his direction Bohush Communication is successfully working in the market since 2000. Since then the agency has implemented a big number of nationwide and international projects in the sphere of communications.

Aleksey Smehov

Creative director at SPN Communications.

Aleksandr Baraboshko (Krus Krus)

Famous Ukrainian internet activist, blogger, media expert.

Anna Malkina

Doctor of Political Science, political expert.

Maria Kostenko

Director of Agency of Strategical Communications "Res Publica". In 2011 – 2012 was a CEO in Berta Communications.

Pavel Krugliakovsky

Political consultant senior partner at Agency of Strategical Communications “Res Publica”.

Vladislav Vavilov

HR director, expert in the sphere of staff education and development. Business trainer, author and moderator of web-site “Выборы”

Aleksandra Pavlenko

Deputy Health Minister of Ukraine. Lawyer, was rated by TOP 30 best Ukrainian lawyers, presented leading candidates for presidency in Central Election Committee.

Timofey Vasiliev

Famous Russian activist, blogger, head of special projects of civil journalism “Ridus” (2011 – 2012).

Konstantin Grischenko

Vice-Prime Minister of Ukraine (2012 – 2014), Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (2010 – 2012).

Elena Popova

Head of sociologic company “In Mind”

Igor Popov

Member of Ukrainian parliament, previously – director of political programs of Center of Applied Political Research “Penta”.

Vadim Karasyov

Ukrainian political scientist, political consultant.

Dmitro Kuleba

Ambassador in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine 

Andreas Umland

German political scientist, specialist in the sphere of Russian ultra-nationalism, European neo-fashism.

Necati Ozkan

Head of Oyku Advertising Agency, head of European Association of Political Consultants. IAA and IAPC member.

Oleg Medvedev

Political technologist, Vice-President of PR-Leage, media-manager.

Worked in election campaigns of Viktor Yuschenko, Yuliya Tymoshenko. Consulted Poroshenko campaign headquarters in 2014.

Kost Bondarenko

Political expert. Director of the Institute of Ukrainian Policy. Previously worked as a member of Humanitarian Presidential Council of Ukraine, in 2010 was engaged in creating party “Silnaya Ukraine” (together with Sergey Tehibko).

Anna Kanshieva

PhD, expert in project development and receiving grants, author of educational and consulting resource

Vladimir Granovsliy

Political consultant. Cooperated with Valeriy Khoroshkovskiy and Dmitriy Firtash. In 2003 – 2004 consulted Viktor Yanukovich.

Slavi Binev

Member of European parliament from Bulgary.

Yatsek Vlosovich

Member of European Parliament from Poland since 2009.

Aleksandr Mirskiy

2001 – 2004 – Consultant of Mayor of Riga.

2009 – Member of European Parliament of the 7th calling (Committee of Foreign Affairs).

Georgiy Pochepstov

Scientist, expert in communication technologies, informational wars and marketing.

Ilona Popenko

Head of Kiev office of communications agency SPN Ogilvy.

Anrey Zolotarev

Political strategist. Consulted Communist Party of Ukraine in management of election campaign during parliamentary elections in 2012. Before that had campaigns in Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhe regions (Ukraine).

Oleg Pokalchuk

Social psychologist. Expert and author of scientific articles and methodology research work on social trembling. Years long consultant of top Ukrainian politicians.

Oleg Demchik

Head of the Club of Professional Negotiators