Master of Political Management

Master of Political Management School is a non-governmental institution, producing new sociopolitical contents and investigating propaganda technologies, political management and marketing.

Master of Political Management School was founded in 2010 to change the landscape of political counseling in Europe, to train a new generation of political consultants and analysts.

Today the School remains the only European educational institution consistently and comprehensively teaching political management and marketing. School trainers are leading political consultants from all over the world.

Dates of lectern: February, 11 - 14.

4 days of lessons. 28 lectures and workshops. Internship with the trainers of the course and educational trip to analytical centers and parliaments of European Union.

Dmitriy Raimov

Dmitriy Raimov

Founder and curator of Master of Political Management School

Founder and Curator of Free Journalism School and Free Economic School


Viktoria Yermolenko

Viktoria Yermolenko

Entry Manager in Master of Political Management School, International and Ukrainian Internship Coordinator

Alla Guryanova

Alla Guryanova

Entry Manager in Master of Political Management School


Contact information for entry

(Monday – Friday since 9:00 till 18:00, Saturday and Sunday – days off)

+38 044 362 28 36

+38 067 508 68 58

mail to:

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Lectern venue: Kyiv, Volodumrska St., 57 

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Students’ Internship and International Trips

Since its foundation Master of Political Management School (educational program of the team PolitPR Ukraine) is involved into preparing a new generation of political consultants, analysts, experts in social issues.

After training the School graduates have internship with their trainers. Internship may be in practice (work in an agency, work during elections), as well as in theoretical form (work in core groups and analytical centers under the direction of leading political scientists, analysts, experts.

Since 2010 the graduates of PolitPR (Master of Political Management) participated in parliamentary elections in Ukraine in 2012 and 2014, local elections in 2010, presidential elections in 2010 and 2014.

Leading Ukrainian political consultancy agencies, political parties and non-governmental organizations invite our graduates to perform analytical efforts or monitoring, create media projects, to hold election and agitation campaigns.

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For internship and further employment a student has to pass the lections successfully. After the end of lessons there is a 30 questions test.

For successful graduation one needs to get at least 24 points. Those, who get less than 24 points get the certificate about participation in an educational program.

Internship is under the direction of the trainer. Duration – not less than 1 month. A trainer (internship curator) shall be chosen directly by a student from the list provided.

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Educational trips are held several times a year. Master of Political Management School graduates have already participated twice in European trips in 2013 and 2014 for getting acquaintance with European political experts. They also have visited the Russian Federation (Moscow) two times and got acquainted with Russian political consultants in 2013 and 2014.

We are planning to visit European Union (Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium) in 2015 – 2016 and to take part in European International Conference (EAPC) and International Association of Political Consultants (IAPS).

Participation in international trip is free for the School graduates. The students undertake only their leaving costs.